Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage

Installation and AR experience at Errant artSpace by Valerie Salez, Evan Locke, Nicole Mandryk, Lee Ingram

February 24th – 26th, 2023

Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage is a collaborative multimedia exploration into the meanings, and experience of emergence. The work couples literal and metaphorical interpretations of the theme with the technologically emergent via an open ended mixed reality installation. The disparate individual approaches and contributions of the artists collectively formed the progressive accumulative actions that embodies the process of emergence itself.

In-Progress and Development of Work

Thoughts on Collaboration: Evan Locke

What was your process like?

The working process through the first phase collaboration group was relatively organic — ideas came out of brainstorming sessions and when something was agreed upon each member added and built on top of that. With the digital/virtual components of the work it helped to create a physical construction we could work around and reference.

What did you find challenging?

The most challenging part of the project so far was the lack of direction and parameters at the beginning of the first phase — I think understanding a basic structure of where and when would should be at a point to be exhibited guides what the collaborative work can or cannot be.

What was rewarding?

Being given the freedom to experiment with new approaches/technologies was a lot of fun, and being provided the option for workshops or support to help make the experiments successful made for a very rewarding experience. You should take advantage of having the support of a collaborative group and expert mentors to try new things.