Multimedia Performance at Xchanges Gallery by Kayla Henry, Melissa Flagg, and Art Action Earwig

February 24th, 2022

Mover + Shaker + Scratcher + Fluid-Stretcher make an ambitious move to become lichens. Will they be-come? This creation and improvisation process experimenting with sound, projection, and movement are emerging from the theme “emergence,” given by Physical Intersections Digital Collaborations (PIDC).

In-Progress and Development of Work

Videography by Melissa Flagg

Thoughts on Collaboration: Melissa Flagg

What was your process like?

My process in phase one with my fellow collaborating artists was very much directed by the collaboration and input of the other artists and by experimentation, by putting concepts and ideas together and trying them out, and then adapting and responding to the feedback and direction each stage was taking. 

What did you find challenging?

I found the short timeline challenging, from brainstorming to creation to implementation, we did not have a lot of room to explore and learn different ways of working digitally, however this challenge did  propel our creation and risk taking forward. 

What was rewarding?

The overall playfulness and the creative risk taking in collaboration was extremely rewarding. I would encourage an artist taking on the same project to dive in and explore the unknown, and allow the limitations or challenges to be jumping off points for trying new things and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and familiar ways of working.