Multimedia installation at arc.hive gallery by Amber Downie-Back, Jane Chan, and Ebony Rose

February 24th – 26th 2023

Camber is a poetic conversation between sound, installation, video and dance. Born from the collaborative efforts of movement/media artist Amber Downie-Back, visual artist Ebony Rose, and musician Jane Chan — planetary, bodily and elemental imagery are layered in an exploration of both endings and beginnings. Lulling resonant waves, porous surfaces and a flame-like body reflect the cyclical nature of the world, of care/catastrophe, presence/memory, and separation/continuity. 

What is it to let go — to dive into and embrace the comings and goings of the tide? Can we trust in the unknown and in what is yet to come?

In-Progress and Development of Work

Video by Amber Downie-Back, Jane Chan, and Ebony Rose

Thoughts on Collaboration: Ebony Rose

What was your process like?

My collaborative group’s process involved a lot of conversation through talking and writing and then independent reflection and studio experimentation.

What did you find challenging?

The biggest challenge was finding the balance between autonomy and collaboration as we moved between trying to come to an agreement, wanting to stay firm in a vision or knowledge set, trying to see somebody else’s vantage point, letting go, merging sometimes opposite views and so forth.

What was rewarding?

It is exciting to expand the possibilities of one’s artistic vision and imagine new ways of working with the exposure to other collaborators’s methodologies of working and through the introduction of technologies that were previously unconsidered.