Dissemination Two Project Pages Updated

In the summer of 2023, the PIDC project presented Dissemination Two: Blossoming Pixels & Nesting Instant at FLUX Media Gallery. We have updated our project pages with documentation of both collaborative projects—stay tuned as more images and videos are on the way.

See the exhibition announcement on the FLUX Media Gallery website.

Propogation AI-Generated Imagery by Melissa Flagg

Blossoming Pixels

Amber Downie-Back, Melissa Flagg, Evan Locke, Ebony Rose

This process-inspired work uses a web interface that invites viewers to navigate through the artists’ collaboration with AI and each other. Imagery and content sourced from the human body, painting, photography and dance are used. These experiments probe into what kind of emergent forms arise in these cross-pollinations.

Project artists Owen Fairbairn and Jane Chan perform during the opening night at FLUX Media Gallery. Image courtesy of Minah Lee of Art Action Earwig.

Nesting Instant

Lee Ingram, Jane Chan, Owen Fairbairn, Art Action Earwig

“Using scavenged pieces we created a nest of spoken word sound works to hold feelings of playfulness, isolation and climate disquiet. Desiring to connect to nonhuman natures we imagine that we’re birds and channel the chatter and choruses of shared spaces around us. It is a tribute to birds, even if what is reflected is still our own human nature.”

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