Phase 1 Project Pages Updated With Works-in-Progress and Dissemination Photos

In late February, our participating artists presented three phenomenal projects as part of Phase 1 of the project; Lichens, presented at Xchanges, Camber, presented at arc.hive artist run centre, and Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage, presented at Errant artSpace.

We are enthused to announce that we have updated with new project pages for each of the three collaboration groups and resulting disseminations. These new project pages include new documentation of the three disseminations, as well as works-in-progress and commentary from the artists.

A performer sits on floor, eyes closed leaning against a fabric-draped square object. Their boy is shrouded in darkness, with only the left side of their head illuminated. There is the outline of a second person in the background. The rest of the image is low light, with patches of green and yellow light from a projector out of frame.
Minah Lee and Wryly Andherson of Art Action perform as part of Lichens on February 24th, 2023


Kayla Henry, Melissa Flagg, and Art Action Earwig

The overall playfulness and the creative risk taking in collaboration was extremely rewarding. I would encourage an artist taking on the same project to dive in and explore the unknown, and allow the limitations or challenges to be jumping off points for trying new things and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and familiar ways of working. 

—Melissa Flagg on what was rewarding

A white paper disc hands suspended from the ceiling in front of a white wall, casting a shadow. The disk is illuminated in the top left by a pink-orange light cast from out of frame.
Camber installed at arc.hive Artist Run Centre


Amber Downie-Back, Jane Chan, and Ebony Rose

The biggest challenge was finding the balance between autonomy and collaboration as we moved between trying to come to an agreement, wanting to stay firm in a vision or knowledge set, trying to see somebody else’s vantage point, letting go, merging sometimes opposite views and so forth. 

—Ebony Rose on what was challenging

A person seen from behind demonstrating the Adobe Aero augmented reality application on an iPad to another person to his right. They are standing in a white walled room.
Evan Locke demonstrates the augmented reality elements of Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage at errant artSpace

Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage

Evan Locke, Nicole Mandryk, Lee Ingram, Valerie Salez

The working process through the first phase collaboration group was relatively organic — ideas came out of brainstorming sessions and when something was agreed upon each member added and built on top of that. With the digital/virtual components of the work it helped to create a physical construction we could work around and reference.

—Evan Locke on the collaboration process

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